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Static Dissipative Additive Injection System D1655, D2624

SDA Additive Injection Systems

D-2 Inc. is the industry leader in building fully automated injection systems for SDA (Static Dissipative Additive) and FSII (Fuel System Icing Inhibitor). We design fully automated, injection systems using our In Line Conductivity sensors to provide direct real time control and quality assurance. Our systems send conductivity Data directly to your plant DCS system or a PLC Controller (i.e. “Top Tech DCS System”) and or can output to a local alarm or display.

Our SDA systems provide a level of direct control that only our company can offer. Combining D-2 Inc.’s expertise with conductivity, our unique SDA Injection Quills, and our JF-1A In Line sensor for direct conductivity control ensures D-2 Inc. will provide the best additive injection system possible, making Conductivity an issue of the past for your facility.

SDA Injection System Data Sheet

SDA Injection Systems - AI-1

D-2 Incorporated is the leading manufacturer for fully automated conductivity improver injection skids. Utilizing our patented AC measurement technology for conductivity we are able to provide real time measurement and control of conductivity in multiple pipelines. We have years of knowledge and experience which has allowed us to develop new techniques for mixing, injection and controlling by conductivity. The JF-1A in line conductivity sensors used for control is ASTM D2624 certified. This result in a fully automated product conductivity control which is fully ASTM specification certified.

D-2 Incorporated is type certified by Kema & FM Approvals to build in Class 1, Division 1, and or ATEX Zone 1 Hazardous Environments systems. Our systems are fully customizable to meet the wide range of customer specifications needed. Through our direct experience of building systems used worldwide we have been able to refine our techniques to improve performance and reduce your cost. AI-1 shown above is representative of the quality and detailed engineering we provide our customers.

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SDA Irving Oil Front (Blank)

SDA Injection System, with enclosure open.

Real Time direct Neat Additive Injection

D-2 Inc provides the best SDA injection systems in the market. Our systems utilize our advanced in line conductivity sensor for control or can be built as volume control. The below images are some examples of the systems we have built, and are successfully installed and are in operation globally.

Also please see this case study done showing how our SDA systems that use our JF-1A for Real Time Measurement in the product line saves hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

JP-8 SDA System
JP-8 SDA System for Phillips 66 in America
Large SDA System, installed off Nigerian coast
Large SDA System, installed off Nigerian coast
SDA system for Irving Oil Canada
SDA system for Irving Oil Canada

D-2 Inc Additive Injection Quill


D-2 Incorporated has developed an additive injection quill for the fuel industry. These injection quills can be built with either a retractable mount assembly or fixed position assembly.

D-2 Inc. is ATEX Type Certified to build electrical components and equipment by FM Approvals Global and KEMA.

Utilizing our Additive Injection quills will help disperse the additive into your product line ensuring the maximum mixing coefficient possible. Our self-designed quills were developed to provide a reliable and easy to install injection quill for our full additive injection systems. Please contact us for more information.

Injection Quill Data Sheet

Full Documentation Package Provided

The D-2 Inc SDA systems all come with our full documentation package for each system.This documentation package is tailored to each sites needs.

This documentation includes all the certifications, PI&D’s, operator manuals, safe Use and Installation manuals and installation checklists. Every system is covered by our 1 year limited warranty, also warranty extensions are available.

We are ATEX Certified to build systems for intrinsically safe environments.

ATEX Type Certification:

Type Certification

SDA Systems from around the world.


  • Real Time, High Precision Conductivity Control (+/- 10 pS/M) & Measurement for multiple lines.
  • Fully automated, ties into existing DCS system, alerting operator when fuel is out of spec.
  • Customizable to fit your specifications, our systems are built to your custom specifications.
  • Micro-Injection of Neat Additive eliminates requirement of volumetrically diluting additive, also reducing additive storage tank needs.
  • Turn Key installation, designed to be easily installed into any facility.
  • Intrinsically Safe design for hazardous areas, ATEX and NEC available.
  • Complete documentation package provided allowing in-house installation and long term support.D-2 Inc.
  • Worldwide Customer Support from an IS0 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer


ASTM D2624, IP 274, ASTM D1655, ASTM D975, DEFSTAN 91-91

ATEX Zone 1, Intrinsically Safe

FM, FMc Class I, Division II

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