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JF-1A In Line Conductivity Sensor D2624

JF-1A in line conductivity sensor. Provides real time measurement of conductivity directly in the product line for the Oil & Gas Industry. ASTM D2624 Listed, can certify fuel for ASTM D1655, ASTM D975, DEFSTAN 91-91, IP-274.

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Application Notes:

  1. App Note – 06 – 003 – Stability
  2. App Note – 07 – 004 – Safe Truck Loading
  3. App Note – 10 – 006 – JF-1A Multiple Interface Power Requirements
  4. App Note – 10 – 007 – JF-1A Method of Adjustment Current Output Settings
  5. App Note – 15 – 001 Exd Housing Seals
  6. App Note – 16 – 002 JF-1A-INSERTION-DEPTH-HIGH-FLOW

JF-1A In Line Conductivity Sensor

The JF-1A In Line Conductivity Sensor is ideal for In Line Conductivity Measurement applications. Provides real time measurement of Conductivity for in process applications. ATEX, FM, FMc certified for pressures up to 16 Bar. Built with a fully retractable mount for easy installation and maintenance. ASTM D2624 Listed, IP 274. Custom Measurement Ranges from the 0-1,000 pS/m, 0-2,000 pS/m, up to 0-40,000 uS/m.

We offer a full variety of flanges and adapters to allow the JF-1A to be suited to any pre-existing piping structure. We also offer a local readout display as an optional extra.

Standard JF-1A Adapter for a 1″ NPT Ball Valve:


Standard Local Readout Display for the JF-1A (Optional Extra):

This Diagram Shows how the JF-1A with a longer custom stem Inserts into a Product Line:

440-269R3, Outline, JF-1A

Here is another JF-1A Flange Adapter for a Flanged Connection, this adapter would be used to connect the JF-1A Sensor to a flange connection in the pipeline, the minimum opening required is 1″ for the sensor tip. We can build the Flange adapter to meet whatever flange requirement you have. This is for up to 16 Bar of pressure. Higher Pressure Versions are available via the JF-1A-HP version of the JF-1A that has a fixed flange attached to it.




JF-1A Demonstration Video

JF-1A Real Time SDA Injection Control


This image shows the JF-1A sitting in the product line, outputting real time data to control the SDA Injection Pump Controller.

JF-1A Real Time Fuel Certification


The JF-1A in this photo is directly outputting the data to the site DCS system via the 4/20 ma output. This data can be used to certify the Fuel meets ASTM D1655 standards for ASTM D2624. You can print the conductivity value on the bill of lading.

Field Calibrate-able


The JF-1A-HH Handheld was developed from the same measurement technology as the JF-1A in Line Sensor. The JF-1A-HH is also ASTM D2624 Listed. Using the handheld sensor, you can field calibrate the JF-1A In Line Sensor, and as the handheld is field calibrate-able as well, you never have to send your equipment back to D-2 Inc after purchase for calibration.


Advantages of the Real-Cond In-Line Sensors:

  1. ASTM Listed in D2624 “Standard Test Methods for Electrical Conductivity of
    Aviation and Distillate Fuels”
  2. Patented AC Measurement technology allows the only real time, direct measurement of conductivity in the world.
  3. True two wire device (4-20 mA), directly interfaces with site DCS, PLC or local readout/ alarm.
  4. Durable easy to maintain design. Built with 316 SS for long-term use. Only maintenance required is the annual calibration.
  5. Highest precision of any instrument available for test method ASTM D2624. Fully automated direct measurement in the product line every two seconds can’t be matched by any other in line conductivity sensor.
  6. ATEX/ FM/ FMc Certified for use in Hazardous Zone Environments.
  7. Standard JF-1A ATEX/ FM Certified for 2 use up to 16 Bar.
  8. JF-1A-HP High Pressure Sensor is ATEX Certified for use up to 100 Bar.
  9. Provides real time conductivity values into Static Dissipative Additive (Conductivity Improver) Injection Systems to control rate of additive in injection and to certify fuel meets conductivity specifications. Eliminating any issues with under or over injection of additive.
  10. Eliminates the need for hand sampling fuel for conductivity measurement. Direct in line measurement automates the process. Automation eliminates human interaction thus increasing precision and eliminating operating costs.
  11. Sensor’s can be customized to site specifications. Custom length shafts,
    various measurement ranges, and flange
    adapters are available.


ASTM D2624 Listed. ASTM D1655, ASTM D975, DEFSTAN 91-91, IP-274.

FM, FMc, CRN, ATEX Certified.

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